Multi purposes Automation Smart home System

Multi purposes Automation Smart home System in dubai

Why do you need to have this solution system?

1.Energy management by cutting cost based on actual need.

2.Security and safety for the house.

3.Central and zone command and control for lights, curtains, air condition and other appliances from a mobile phone, iPad,…etc.

4.Having the optional of voice control activated commands

5.Safety & security for your family and your property assets.

6.Pay one time cost as you go (customize solution).

7.One scalable customized multi-functions solution.

8.High visibility and control (one-touch or voice order).

9.Very easy to use and control from your mobile or tablet.

10.Manage your household appliances through cutting-edge wireless.

Smart Home Solution Components

Smart Light

Energy Management

Smart Security

Voice Control

Smart Life

Smart Reporting

Smart Home Solution Layout

What are the pre-request to have this solution system?

1.ADSL internet line from ISP (Du or Etisalat).

2.Tablet or Laptop or smart cell phone.

3.Few wireless access sensors points up to the location areas.

4.Select the function(s) list form our product catalogue.

What is the System reports and outputs?

1- Full online visibility and Control into your house assets and appliance.

2- Real time counting per room for energy, temperature, movement….ect.

3- History report of movement every day for each staff.

4- Pro active alerting message.

What are the system components ?

1.One Time Cost Pre-request starting form 6,000AED basic function up to 10,000AED for full functions.

2.50% down payment, Delivery and installation within 3-4 weeks.

3.Free training session for all family members.

4.No Monthly fees, no hidden cost only 15% annual malignance fees (exclude spare parts ) after the 1st. year.

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